Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Onward and Upward

Dan might say I have a tendency to obsess....and obsess....and obsess.  In the weeks leading up to the NY Now show, I "obsessed" over what lines we should look at when we were at the show.  When we got to the show I "obsessed" if we were seeing everything we needed to see.  In the weeks after returning home, I "obsessed" over writing orders.  Perhaps "obsess" isn't the correct word.  I prefer to think of myself as being judicious.

So, after all the research, number crunching, and reviewing (aka obsessing) I'm happy to say everything has been put to bed.  All said and done, LUCKY HILL will have 20 new lines and re-orders on 26 lines.  While I'm not going to spill the beans about new categories and lines, I am willing to say we have "great expectations" for all the impending arrivals.  How would I sum up the new additions in a few words?  Uplifting, laid back, and brimming with la dolce vita.

Work continues on the back room.  I've gotten to spend time doing one of the things I love most, that being to figure out the puzzle of where in the shop display fixtures and product lines will reside.  Dan has finished the painting of the ceiling, walls, woodwork, and floor and has now moved on to refinishing, retrofitting, and reworking furniture for displays.  I hate taking him out of his studio, but we're a team of two and always pull together in the best interest of the business.  Needless to say, it's exciting to see the back room come to life.

Oh, and on a side note....of those 26 returning lines, you can be sure the GurglePots will be back in residence in their cheerful rainbow line-up.  It's been pointed out to me that most residents of Castine are already in possession of one or more GurglePots, but it's a big world out there beyond the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and it looks like a lot of people still need one....or two....or three burping fish pitchers.  Viva la gurgle!

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