Friday, June 29, 2012

And Suddenly Everything Felt a Little Better

Here I sit in Lucky Hill with a beautiful breeze blowing in off the harbor, James Taylor on the iPod, the luscious fragrances of soaps and candles wafting from every corner, and I can't help but smile.  Dan's paintings are on the walls and the sun is (finally) streaming in the bay window.  I have made peace with the fact we won't have the July 1st opening we had hoped to have, but there is always July 2, and the 3rd after that.

Last night we went to Stella's to hear the incomparable Diane Linscott.  Her voice is like nothing I have ever heard and she is an absolute inspiration....not to mention, a kick in the pants.  During one of her breaks, she told Dan and me she didn't start singing until she was 54 years old.  For anyone who thinks the time has passed to try something new, take a lesson from Ms. Linscott.

At one point Bah, owner of Bah's Bakehouse and Stella's, came over to chat and I mentioned the delay with the moving truck.  Things got a little clearer when she told me not to worry as her opening years ago was supposed to be in April and didn't end up happening until July.  I realized at that moment there is always next week and next month.  This isn't a pop-up boutique that is only going to be here for a month.  I'd like to think we're home....and here for a very long time.  And I'm still smiling.


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